Jigsaw (Magic Square?) Activity


First of all, this website has some really good stuff, so check it out sometime.  Too bad it’s all in Spanish.

But this particular post is all about what she calls the Jigsaw, I’ve seen it called Magic Square, but I know we’ve all done it – if you match the French with the English or the infinitive with the past participle, etc., you get a square?  She claims to have “perfected” it, or at least you can see how she uses it.  I used to love this activity, just because you give them the envelope or the baggie and then you get 5 minutes of quiet to take attendance or drink your coffee!



One thought on “Jigsaw (Magic Square?) Activity

  1. So I have ‘perfected’ it again–by making it much easier! Forget the double cutting–before printing, I just created a duplicate document and then re-arranged all of the boxes so that they print out out-of-place. Duh! Saves tons of time 🙂 There is also a great link to an app that you can use to automatically generate them posted in the comments section of the post. I can’t use it because it’s for Windows PCs, and I only have Macs. Bummer! Thanks for the shout-out!

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